Thursday, September 1, 2016

Paul Bothner Music Joins the Tour

I was kind of disappointed when the Canadian firm, Yorkville Sound failed to respond to my suggestion that they send a small PA to Africa with me. After all, I've been using Traynor and then Yorkville gear since 1972. Good company, good gear and– via Long & McQuade– some good partnering over the years. So Canadian, eh? How could you not want to have your logo on the banner, and your equipment touring under Zulu Skies? Can't say I didn't ask. No matter, I'm now very pleased and proud to announce that the National Steel "Zulu Skies" Tour production for the 40 South African shows will be...

Bothner Music was established in Cape Town around 1902. By the late 1960's it had become Paul Bothner Music, a family run firm destined to become South Africa's leading supplier of modern, musical equipment. Today, with ten locations across the country, it provides one of the largest selections of gear and service in Africa. The staff have a reputation for being friendly and helpful, and they were highly recommended to me by several hard touring South Africans. I can only say that I've been met with a whole lot of enthusiasm for the Tour, and these folks already feel like old friends. It was great to see that my friend Tony Cox is doing a blues guitar workshop for Bothner in Cape Town! September 24 and 25. Some lucky people there- Tony is a very, very cool guitarist. If you live in that area, go. No excuses. I'll be doing some workshops, too- dates to be announced soon.

Welcome on board, Paul Bothner Music. I'm very much looking forward to working with this fine, South African company.

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