Monday, January 30, 2017

Thrill of the Road

Another year on the open road.

Another year on the River of Life. My 2016, National Steel Zulu Skies Blues Tour was an adventure from beginning to end. Nine Canadian provinces, a bunch of US states, and most of South Africa. A good tour, and one that gives me plenty of ideas as to how my future travels may unfold! My friend James Dean captured this Twin Peaks moment at the recent Canadian, Maple Blues Awards. Deep in the dark woods of the music business, one can never be sure what the next dance will be.

You can follow the 2016 Tour from beginning to end in the posts found below. I will also publish a link to my 2017 plans here (right here), as soon as I have enough details to print. Hint: I came home very tired this year, so it is likely that some regions won't be visited on an annual basis anymore.

Meanwhile, Tour goes on! The Media sidebar to the right has all of the most up to date links for authorized promos, bios, pics, videos, interviews, reviews, etc.– as well as links to the previous decade of blogs for the National Steel Blues Tour. You can read and learn for business or pleasure, or quickly find whatever you need to advance or promote a Doc MacLean show.

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