Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Garden Coast to Cape Town: the Sugarman Highway

Old plantation houses, converted to inns. Or maybe they always were railside hotels?

The wrap around porch-walkways are always inviting.

How often do you see one of these outside your room?

Or one of these in your room?!!

Rolling up the coast to meet my pal Marcia Moon. I've got the night off, so I'm going to sit in on her gig in Stellenbosch.

Yeah, the Sugarman Highway. I'm pretty sure the opening sequence was shot somewhere along this road. Totally thrilled by this drive. I've got Ms. Moon's cd cranked up in the car, and I'm liking it- even the Africanner stuff I can't understand. She's a tough, singer-songwriter guitarist who writes and plays really well. North American's are gonna like her when she gets across the pond.

Set up and sound check. It's nice to be along for the ride on somebody else's gig. Even relaxing. A pleasant night with tourists and college kids.

In the morning, it's back to business. I get to backtrack the coastal road a little bit for tonight's show.

Paragraph three is so African. Baboons. That's the way it is here, too. These creatures sit on the side of the road like little hitch-hiking beggars... waiting. And they will break into houses, too. Baboons. Yup. Real deal. Not nice. Not friendly. But smart enough to jimmy a window. Elsewhere, I woke one morning to find a baboon sneaking into my room...

Bar manager, theatre sound man, jack of all things of the night. Gysie keeps the gig fuelled before and after. He's also getting work as a film extra in Cape Town– they love that beard. Hey, I could do that!

Before turning the wheels toward Cape Town, I stop to visit a nearby penguin colony. I've never seen penguins in the wild before. So, ok, they stand around quite a bit. Actually that's most of what they do. And they smell. Not nice. Penguins. Check. Been there, done that. Next! Outta here. Where's Cape Town?

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